The German Wood-Based Panel Association (VHI) represents the technical, economic and professional interests of 60 member companies. The VHI was (with predecessor organizations) established in 1920, making it one of the oldest trade associations.

In relation to the German production capacity VHI represents

80% of particleboard and fibreboard industry
95% of the plywood industry
90% of the interior door industry and
100% of manufacturers of Wood-Polymer-Composites materials (WPC)

in four separate specialized groups.

The committee work takes place in the four entrepreneurs forums and two specialized committees.

The youngest sector group, under the umbrella of the VHI are the Wood-Polymer-Composites manufacturers. Also WPC-producers from neighboring countries are members of this group.

At European level, VHI is member of the European Panel Federation (EPF). VHI represents there the interests of its sector group particleboard and fibreboard. The companies in the sector group particlegroup and fibreboard are thus direct member of EPF. Similarly, the VHI is at European level member of the Fédération Européenne de l’Industrie du contreplaqué (FEIC) for its plywood producers.

Beside its regular members VHI has supporting members from different areas of the supply industry.

The association is well connected with the corresponding research institutes, institutions, government agencies and ministries.